Our Aims

Reaching out by:

  • sharing our Christian views and life values with the young people on the streets
  • modelling positive lifestyle choices and values
  • providing a strong link between local church groups and the young people in the community
  • providing a safe environment for young people to gather and meet with their friends
  • helping young people who face difficult and challenging issues in their lives

Educating by:

  • helping young people to think about the right choices in life from an informed point of view
  • using local services we help young people gain the right information on subjects such as drugs, alcohol and sex

Supporting by:

  • helping young people to gain a sense of purpose, value, and self confidence
  • providing a listening ear to young people with people who truly care and want to listen
  • Encouraging by
  • challenging and encouraging young people to find alternatives to the cultures of drugs, alcohol, sex and crime
  • showing an interest in the lives of young people, we are able to encourage them in areas such as schooling, further education, job-seeking, employment and all other aspects of everyday life